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Wed, Mar 15, 2017
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1 hr 51 mins 54 secs
Join us tonight as we finish the book of Job with an overview. We see seven main take away truths as we walk out of the book.
Wed, Mar 01, 2017
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50 mins 7 secs
Calvary Chapel of Roswell, Wednesday Evening Sermon
Wed, Feb 15, 2017
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1 hr 3 mins 57 secs
Meet the Biblical world of Dinosaurs!!!! In this study, we take a look at one of the most powerful creatures in all of God's creation: Dinosaurs!<br /> Journey with us to see these and ponder how we should be impacted by Dinosaurs!
Wed, Feb 08, 2017
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56 mins 2 secs
God reaches down and exposes the problem in Job's heart. In doing so He either innoculates or medicates us! Join us in seeing what Job needed to here...that God is God alone!
Wed, Feb 01, 2017
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49 mins 39 secs
This week we see that God gives Job a gentle rebuke and how He shows Job just how big He is, through consideration of different creation mysteries.
Wed, Jan 25, 2017
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47 mins 37 secs
Join us this week as we see Job find what he has for so long yearned: the Answer of the Living God.
Wed, Jan 18, 2017
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45 mins 18 secs
Tonight we see the last of Elihu's speech to Job. He says that God does reward good and punish bad, and Elihu directly confronts Job of his condition. And tells him to embrace God's greatness.
Wed, Jan 11, 2017
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50 mins 19 secs
Tonight Elihu continues his speech. We see how he misquotes Job, but says that God cannot do wrong and He deals with things perfectly.
Wed, Jan 04, 2017
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51 mins 39 secs
Tonight we are introduced to Elihu, who gives his "answers" to questions left unanswered, how he feels compelled to give his opinion. He states how God is gracious, God protects and that God is a saving God.
Wed, Dec 14, 2016
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55 mins 49 secs
Join us this week as we continue our chapter by chapter study through the book of Job. This week, we see Job's final defense against the accusations of his friends, in which he continues steadfast in his position that his suffering is not the result of his sin.